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Angel Island Eco Resort

Our Vision

Our vision has been to create an environmentally friendly resort, providing the ultimate setting for those who just want to relax, and for snorkelers to enjoy the amazing surroundings. We have aimed not for impersonal 5 star service, but rather a friendly atmosphere that is attentive while giving you space to relax and enjoy the attractions of the island. We wanted to create a resort whereby guests staying will benefit the environment, but also the local community.

Core to the ethos used to create Angel Island are some of the following ideas:

To cause as little negative impact to the island, and protect the surrounding beaches and reef.
This has led to villas being set back from the beaches to preserve the natural beach ecosystem, pre-existing clearings have been used for buildings, local government licenses have been secured to gain ‘taman laut’ (sea garden) protection status for the surrounding waters which forbids fishing and protects the coral reef and stopping the taking of white sand from the beaches.

To employ staff only from the local area
This enables workers to be able to stay in the area rather than leave in search for work; also it allows locals to return to their families if they have been working in other areas of Indonesia. Construction and ongoing maintenance on the island has all been conducted by local businesses, using a local work force to help the economy.

Preserve natural resources on the island
No trees were cut down in the building of the resort (villas were built in between trees), as many endemic saplings as possible have been planted; native flora has been planted to encourage the healthy habitat for birds, butterflies and insects. The natural water table has been preserved with water being sourced from a desalination plant.
Grey water from bathrooms is fed into a reed bed system to filter toxins from the water before returning to the environment.

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