We can organise this full day Rinca Island tour, with a reputable speed boat operator

You are not allowed to wear open toed sandals to trek on Rinca, you must wear sneakers, trainers or other closed toe shoes

Start from Angel Island 9.30am

The sites you will visit are:

  • Rinca Island walking the viewing platforms to see the Komodo dragons and the visitor information centre, also the nature trail into the forest
  • Rinca Village to see a traditional fishing village
  • Strawberry rock for snorkeling
  • Manjerite for snorkeling
  • Sunset at Kalong island to see the 100’s of flying foxes take flight for their favourite feeding grounds 
  • Back to Angel Island 6-6.30
  • This trip is a good combination for snorkeling and exploring the natural beauty of the Komodo national park. 

Or an Afternoon Tour to see the Flying Foxes at Kalong Island

  • Leave Angel Island Eco Resort at 13:00
  • Snorkeling at Manjerite
  • On to Kalong Island to wait for the Flying foxes at dusk flying out to find their favourite feeding grounds
  • Return Journey to Angel Island at 6-6.30