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Tuba, tubo respirador, Schnorchel, boccaglio, snorkel; no matter what your language, this piece of equipment is the most favored by our guests. The reason? If you’ve already been to Angel Island then you know, a beautiful house reef awaits you just a minute from your cottage front door.

This is a typical day of events we often hear from our guests: “We enjoyed a leisurely breakfast at the restaurant looking to the sea, and it was so funny we saw fish flying and bubbling at the surface we think from the marine life having breakfast also in front of us, after breakfast we walked down the beach to select a shady sun lounger and we couldn’t believe we saw baby sharks swimming so close to the beach! Are these normal? After about an hour of relaxing we decided it was time to cool off for a while in the water, we received snorkeling gear from the resort staff, 3 hours later we were still snorkeling! We couldn’t believe the amount, variety, and colours of the fish and corals we saw! So many nemos! Stingrays, butterfly fish, angel fish, snappers, big moray eels, and so much more!” (guests even catch sight of turtles and bumphead parrotfish cruising by!)

“By this time the snorkeling had worked up an appetite so we enjoyed a lovely lunch with a deliciously refreshing watermelon juice and the chicken sate was yummy! Of Course then, we had to sleep some of our lunch off in the shade, but soon we went back to snorkeling and it was like a whole new set of colours and fish were out there. We caught the sunset a couple times from the water with the golden sun sparkling on the reef. A few days we finished snorkeling early because the lovely restaurant staff serves an afternoon snack- which is a convenient time to enjoy a drink, May as well, it’s served to you right on the beach! The evening is pleasantly quiet; we indulge in a 3 course dinner, admire the stars, and settle in to the quiet of our cottage for an unrivaled peaceful night’s sleep. We look forward to doing it all again tomorrow!”

It’s the one activity all guests agree on: Snorkel the house reef at Angel Island.

As an Eco Resort we take pride in our reef, we encourage everyone to enjoy our reef but at the same time be very vigilant while snorkeling. Education for guests on the importance of not touching or standing on the coral is paramount to the future of the reef and it’s inhabitants. Guests have an opportunity to learn about the growth rate of our soft and hard corals, plus the effects of rising sea temperatures on coral bleaching. A small touch from the oils in our hands (just like sunscreen) can cause irreversible damage. Now imagine what kicking or standing on corals can do. We also see the temptation, that many of the shells would seem like a nice souvenir, but please remember leave these behind. Take only your memories. By having responsible reef practices, you’ll be able to preserve this special world for others to experience.

Please note we do not have a Dive centre in the Resort

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