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Frequently Answered Questions


  • What is the water temperature?   Water temperature can vary year round from 25-29 degrees. We would recommend a 3mm full suit.
  • How long does it take to get to the dive sites?   Dive sites are approximately 90 minutes away, depending where in the park you go.
  • I’m not an experienced/confident diver, is Komodo for me?   While currents can be strong in the park, we will be able to find the right dive for you.   Some guests are nervous about the currents before arriving, normally to forget all about it once in the water surrounded by Komodo’s amazing marine life.
  • Do I need a reef hook?   Many guests bring reef hooks but end up never using them, as they are not suitable for most of the dive sites.   We do not allow destructive usage of reef hooks or pointers.
  • How deep are the dives?   Most dives are less than 25 metres deep. Komodo is not a deep diving area, with the majority of the marine life up shallow – we aim to dive for 60 minutes.
  • Can I bring a camera?   Yes. There are some fantastic photo opportunities, although with the dynamic environment, please make sure you will not be damaging the reef while taking pictures.   Compact cameras can be easier to handle in the currents.
  • How many dive sites are there?   You can jump in almost anywhere in the park and call it a dive site   we visit regularly 20 of the best – we would recommend a week of diving to see a good variety of what’s available.
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