After painstakingly clearing all the huge weeds which filled the land, we could finally see all the beautiful trees and actually gain access to every part of the island.

Next order of the day was to build staff quarters, a path from the front beach to the back area which has become the staff area, build the generator/desalination/compressor house (double walled to insulate the noise) and finally to start on the cottages, great care was taken in the positioning of the rooms so that no trees were cut down.

Once the sand/cement/steel was brought over from Labuanbajo (a feat in itself), the digging of the foundations began and making of batako to build the walls. The walls seemed to fly up and we thought it would be finished in no time, mmm… then the hard part the roofs and cladding of the walls, to sourcing all of the tiles, cables, toilets, sinks, taps, showers, furniture, beds, lighting, linen, Tableware, ovens, freezers, fridges, basically everything, you name it, even the kitchen sinks;o) it all had to be bought and shipped from Bali, Labuanbajo sold nothing back in the day;o)