The Komodo Dragons (Varanus komodoensis) Found on Komodo and Rinca Island

You really feel like you are stepping back into a lost world that time has forgotten when you first encounter a Komodo Dragon, these huge monsters belong to the Protected Species Varanus Komodoensis and are the largest lizards in the world, they are meat eaters, although you can be tricked into thinking that these animals are harmless by the way they lazily lounge in the mid day sun renewing their energy, once they start moving they can run faster than a dog over a short distance and one swipe of their tail breaks Deer and Water Buffalo legs, or a bite from them leaves the victim full of deadly bacteria that spreads throughout the body, after a few days they will collapse and are instantly jumped upon by the stalking dragon (not a very pleasant way to go)

Our Dragon Boat trips to Rinca can be easily arranged in the Resort. You can not come to Komodo and not visit the Dragons, only existing on Rinca and Komodo and they think along the Southwest coast of Flores

Have a private boat for 2, or if available join other guests

We leave at 7.30 the boat takes 2 hours to Reach Rinca, relax in the shade or sun deck and enjoy the views of the many islands along the way, dolphins can sometimes be spotted from the boat.

You will be in safe hands with a trip over to visit the dragons; an experienced park ranger will give a briefing on the dragons while taking you on a walk in the surrounding area. Any questions you may have will be answered, and there can be some fantastic photo opportunities by the ranger station and out on the walk.

On the way back to the resort, you have the option of stopping off at a snorkeling site to cool off, or you can continue back to Angel Island.

Lunch and refreshments served on the boat