Welcome to Angel Island Resort

Angel Island is a small eco resort set on a stunning island just off the west coast of Flores in Eastern Indonesia; a place where nature and conservation meet to create a resort like no other in the area. Built with clear goals in mind, Angel Island Eco Resort is the vision of 2 environmentalists who wanted to build a resort that combined their passion for being as close to nature as possible while maintaining quality and service.
Situated on the 15 hectare island of Bidadari (meaning ‘angel’ in Indonesian), you will find 10 private villas set in a verdant hibiscus garden. Surrounded by flourishing coral reef, Angel Island is the only protected island in the area, allowing it to be a haven for wildlife, both in the water and on land.
Smiling staff will greet you as you step off the boat and make your way through the butterfly filled grounds into your own slice of heaven. Enjoy the sound of birdsong while you savour the fresh homemade organic food in our beach side restaurant. Relax on the private beach with stunning views of the Komodo Archipelago as baby sharks swim by. Experience the awe inspiring diving in the world famous National Park and visit the unique Komodo dragons, a stay at Angel Island will not be something you will want to end.
Discover the magic of the area’s best kept secret. We hope you have come home.