Angel Island Resort is proud to support the local community by employing visually impaired masseur specially trained in Flores.  Relaxing 30 or 60 minute private massages with options for reflexology are firm favourites to unwind after a day of diving or visiting the dragons

A choice of massage treatments, using blends of essential oils from Indonesian spices and flowers.

Traditional Indonesian Massage

Full Body or Half body

Our massage therapist incorporates a variety of techniques to relax

every day muscular tensions, aches and pains

Head, Neck , Shoulders 30minutes

Back only 30 minutes

A treatment to sooth and relieve tension in the back

Foot + leg Massage

For a soothing alternative to reflexology enjoy our 30-minute foot and leg massage.


This technique focuses on the feet

It improves general health by relieving tension in important pressure points in the organs and body systems

Available from 8am – last hour treatment starting 5pm.

Treatments can be made outside on your terrace or inside your room

30 minute Treatment Euro 10

60 minute Treatment Euro 15

After any of our Treatments please drink at least one glass of water