February 2017

“Thank you Mother Nature for your Bounty.”

What’s happening in Angel Island Eco Resort during the rainy season month of  February?

Well we can tell you, the island is flourishing, the wild birds (woodpeckers, kingfishers, white eyes, sun birds, Megapodes, etc) are singing throughout the day, whilst Berti — our rescued water buffalo —  is enjoying daily Mud baths and fresh green grass on the hillsides. The island is transforming into a lush tropical forest, the wildlife is drawn by the abundant growth, it is now the time of plenty!

Wild birds are standing by for the new fruits which will soon appear this month, the Hibiscus flowers are blooming, while Jujube trees or “whistling thorn trees” which are called Bidara in Indonesian are sprouting and blooming preparing to fruit, the Katapang or umbrella trees have already produced their fruit, every night the fruit bats (flying foxes) come in for a feast. The rainy season transforms the island into a green jewel that complements Komodo National Park.

In the rainy season, particularly February, the sound of waves and wind can be so loud we can hear it across the island, the swell and the waves are beating clean the sand and moving it along the White Beach and Red Beach, but the temperature is still warm.

This month Komodo (Labuan Bajo, Indonesia) waters have faced strong winds high rainfall and rough seas. The harbourmaster has warned tour and diving operators not to cruise and suspended tourism activities on some of the worst days. It is no wonder that most of the island resorts suspend operations temporarily during this month.

Now, we are busy with general maintenance on the island and Resort, we’re clearing the fallen trees branches and trimming others, taking advantage of the rain and planting new flowers hoping to attract even more birds.  Making use of this time to take care of the villas painting and decorating and of course major overhaul of generators, air compressors, as well as maintaining operational equipment such as dive equipment, kayaks, etc.,

We’ve replaced the grass roof completely on our restaurant, she looks beautiful, ready to receive our new guests for the new season starting 1st March.

We look forward to your stay with us in Angel Island Eco Resort, to enjoy our tours to Rinca to see the famous Komodo dragons or snorkeling on our wonderful house reef, diving the world class sites in Komodo National park, canoeing around the island, or just chilling out on our wonderful pink or white beach, maybe with a cocktail in hand to watch the sun go down on our beautiful island.