Dive Philosophy

We care passionately about diving, and preserving the underwater world. We strongly believe in having minimal impact underwater. Komodo National Park is one of the most amazing areas in the world. Help us keep it that way.

  • We proactively encourage good buoyancy on all dives. We aim to leave the dive site as beautiful as it was when we arrived. We will offer tips and tricks to stop you bumping into things.
  • We 100% do not allow any touching or manipulating of any animal or coral underwater – we come underwater as guests, not to disturb. We do not allow the wearing of gloves except for medical reasons.
  • We will clean up underwater. We try to remove any trash from a dive site that is not providing a home for anything living.
  • We give marine life briefings on a different subject each day to try and help our guests better understand and appreciate how special the underwater world is.
  • We will never drop an anchor onto reef from our boats.
  • We will report any infractions of park rules (illegal fishing, illegal anchoring etc) to the park rangers.