If you have ever wondered what it’s like to float motionless beside a coral reef and watch the marine life go about their daily business, why not try an introduction to diving with this half day experience and find out for yourself. Just the thrill of being able to breathe underwater and the peace and quiet of this world make it enough reason to try. There is the amazing marine life you will see, from the shy clown fish hiding in its anemone to the ever hungry turtles enjoying lunch on the reef, it’s only a short step away.


If you haven’t dived for a while and are feeling a little rusty, sign up for the Scuba review with a Divemaster or Instructor. Refresh your memory of the basic theory and tables with an easy to use self study booklet, practise underwater skills until you feel safe and at ease under the water, relaxed and ready for your fun dives.

The first certification level with Padi, this 4/5-day course will teach you all the basic theory and skills you need to know to dive safely. After classroom sessions with video presentations and shallow water skills practice you will be taken on 4 amazing dives to complete this fun course. We take pride in the ability of our new divers so you can be sure your course will be of the highest quality. We have the theory books in most languages. After this course you will receive your internationally recognised certification, which is valid for life.

If you don’t want to spend precious holiday time in a classroom or shallow water think about an open water referral. Your theory and pool work can be done at home on those cold winter nights, leaving you to do the exciting open water dives here with us in the warm tropical waters of Indonesia. Check out this possibility with your local Padi Dive Centre.

If you want to get certified but don’t quite have the time, what
about this certification course. 2 days is all you require to be a certified diver able to dive to a maximum of 12 metres, this course gives you an International certification after completing some academics, shallow water skill development and open water boat dives.

For those of you who would like to try out some special areas of diving beyond entry level.  Minimum of 2 dives, this course gives you an introduction to specialised areas such as deep, navigation, night, multi-level, naturalist, photography, drift and many others.  You will spend a lot of time diving an only a little time in the classroom.


If you want to go on to learn more about diving, take the next step and become an Advanced Diver. This course is about getting into the water and learning more under the direct supervision of an Instructor. There is some theory but no quizzes or exams (”Thank Goodness!” we hear you say!) Five dives are required. You are required to do a Deep dive (max. 30mts)and a Navigation dive, where you will learn how to use the compass properly. You then choose at least 3 optional modules from the following list:

Night Diving
Computer diving
Drift Diving
Underwater Naturalist
Underwater Photography
Boat Diving
Peak performance buoyancy.

This course can be done as soon as you finish the Open Water course, there is no need to wait.

This one day course teaches you medic first aid procedures plus CPR and is open to non-divers. First aid is a very important aspect of everyday life as who knows when you could be first to come across an injured person. The skills learned during this course could help save someone’s life.

Definitely hard work but a lot of laughs as well during our Rescue course. You will be taught a wide range of skills, from helping a tired diver to actually managing Rescue Scenes including the recovery of lost divers and unconscious divers. This is definitely the first step to a different way of diving. You start to think about others instead of just your own diving pleasure. An excellent course, especially if you plan to dive in areas where a Divemaster does not supervise you. A current First Aid Certificate is a prerequisite to obtaining the Rescue Diver certification.

If you are interested in a particular aspect of diving, why not learn all you can about it with a Speciality Course? Whether it’s PHOTOGRAPHY to get you on the road to rivalling Jacque Cousteu, NATURALIST to see what really is going on down there (fish that change sex????), DEEP, what is Narcosis and what does it feel like? or MULTI-LEVEL, Oh, so that’s how the wheel works! Learn how to plan your dives for maximum enjoyment, there will be a Speciality to suit you. Another hands on experience course could be exactly what you are looking for.

After your Rescue certification there are two options for further education. The first is the “amateur” route to “Master Scuba Diver”. After completing five Specialities of your choice, you will be awarded Master Scuba Diver certification, the highest Non-professional PADI level.

SSI & Padi Dive Courses   (Not Included  – Padi Materials & Pic, National Park Ticket if required)

Prices quoted in Euro

1 px                                                                          Days                                                     Course
Scuba Review                       85                           1 day     1 x skills + 1 dive                   Angel Island

(For divers who have not dived for a while or need to refresh their skills)

(First taste of diving)

Discover Scuba diver           110                        1 day     1 x skills/dive + 1 dive          Angel Island

Dives after DSD                       70                        1 day     2 dives on house reef (Divemasters not always available)

 Certification Courses

Referral course                180                             2 days    4 Open water dives              Angel Island

Scuba Diver                       270                             2-3 days                                                 Angel Island

Open Water course         360                            3-4 days                                                 Angel Island
Advanced                          260                             2 days                                                     1 day Island, 1 Boat

Adventure diver               170-190                    1-2 days                                                 Dependent on dives

Adventure dives                70                             1 dive                                                     Dependent on dives
Rescue course                  350                            3 days                                                     Angel  Island

Efr                                       100                             1 day                                                      Angel Island

Speciality courses
Drift Diver E 160                                                  1 day 2 dives in KNP
Night Diver E 240                                                 2 days 3 dives not in KNP includes Lamp
Underwater Naturalist E 160                             1 day 2 dives IN KNP
Underwater Photographer E 160                     1 day 2 dives (you must have your own camera) in KNP
Underwater Navigator E 130                             1 day 2 dives not in KNP
Deep Diver Euro 260                                          2 days 4 dives in Komodo National Park
Peak Performance E130                                     1 day 2 dives not in KNP